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Hello, my name is Jeffrey Sweeney.

I live in the small town of Bennington, New Hampshire. I went to High School at Contoocook Valley Regional, and to college at River Valley Community College.

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Programming is my hobby, and I enjoy making life easier for everyone else, even if it's only in a small way. When I'm not writing programs, I'm learning about a programming language. I also enjoy teaching others how to program, and helping out other programmers when they're stuck.

My first languages were compiled languages (C++ and Java), but recently, I've grown more fond of interpreted scripting languages like Python and Javascript. In general, I enjoy learning about new and practical technologies, and I have nothing against sharing my source code. I prefer not to use 3rd party frameworks when I'm programming, but I can learn my way around them if need be. I also tend to stay away from single vendor proprietary languages for code portability and longevity reasons among others.

Currently, my language of choice is Javascript, as it's growing in popularity and a major player in the future of the web. It's great for mobile development as well, as it's the only language that's guaranteed to be on virtually every decent smartphone today.

Besides programming, I also have a knack for graphic design and website design.


My first employer was Connell Communications at the age of 15. While I had been doing graphic design work for them as an intern for several months, I was hired only to do basic data entry.

A few months after I left Connell, I worked with my mom at Level 5 Communications (publisher of DE Magazine), and was later hired to do all sorts of odd jobs that were more technical in nature. I was paid to do graphic design work (including several magazine cover designs), filing, email management, etc. I left on good terms in May 2012, hoping to find a company that would better utilize my talents.

Family, business colleagues, and high school counselors convinced me to further my education at college after high school. I went to River Valley Community College for an AS in computer science with a networking focus. I tested out of all of my programming courses except for Unix, and I now tutor Java, C++, Website Design, and Relational Databases at the college.

To be continued...

Contact Information

Jeffrey Sweeney

PO Box 143
Bennington, New Hampshire 03442
(603) 562-7631

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